Shockwave Therapy in North Miami, FL

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What is Shockwave Therapy?

Although it may be awkward to discuss initially, millions of patients in North Miami, FL experience sexual health concerns, and these concerns can be widely common. Penile shockwave treatment with the Alma Duo™ is an advanced option that improves men's intimate health. This therapy is a simple remedy that emits sound energy to increase blood circulation to the penis via a method known as low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT). Shockwave therapy is a great substitute for other intimate health therapies that require invasive operations, prescription medications, or corrective pumps. To elevate the lasting power of your erections, experience more sensations, and achieve more freedom in the bedroom, think about shockwave therapy at Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Rudolph Moise aims to help you transform your sexual health.


How does the Duo work?
Shockwave treatment with the Duo by Alma is an effective procedure that takes roughly 15 minutes to do. The specialized Duo handpiece will be guided over the desired area to encourage the flow of blood. Shockwave therapy does not bring about discomfort or involve invasive techniques, making it an ideal service.

What is healing like after shockwave therapy utilizing the Duo?
Because the Duo device by Alma does not need invasive techniques, prescription medications, or sedation, patients can resume their typical activities after their procedure. No required downtime makes this treatment a convenient solution for individuals having troubles with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Will my outcomes be long-lasting?
The results provided by the Alma Duo are exceptional. The majority of individuals state that their outcomes last for at least a year. Usually, we recommend a set of six procedures over a period of one month to attain great outcomes. Our team typically schedules checkups twice a week for two weeks back-to-back.

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