Hyperpigmentation Treatment in North Miami, FL

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What is Hyperpigmentation Treatment?

Many people experience hyperpigmentation, which is a common cosmetic issue characterized by dark areas that appear on the surface of the skin. These darkened spots can show up in any location on the body and face and vary in diameter and shape. Skin discoloration may also be caused by issues, such as acne scars, sun spots, psoriasis, or melasma. At Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics, medical director Dr. Rudolph Moise addresses hyperpigmentation concerns with the Alma Harmony XL PRO laser. With laser hyperpigmentation treatments, we can help lessen the presence of this condition and enhance your overall complexion. Get in touch with our office in North Miami, FL to schedule a consultation and find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes hyperpigmentation?

At times, a patient's body can automatically produce more pigment than necessary. Certain environmental and health conditions might also increase a person's risk for areas of pigmentation, including specific oral or topical medications, trauma or injury to the skin, and sun exposure.

How long does the treatment for hyperpigmentation take?

The length and number of Harmony XL PRO laser hyperpigmentation procedures at Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics will vary for each patient and will be based on the extent of each case. Each appointment takes about 30 minutes, and most people can typically minimize the look of dark patches over the course of 3 – 4 sessions spaced about one month apart. During your consultation with Dr. Moise, we will provide further details about your personalized cosmetic treatment plan.

What is the cost of laser hyperpigmentation treatment?

The overall price of laser hyperpigmentation treatment in North Miami, FL is calculated according to your individualized concerns, needs, and the number of sessions required to attain your desired results. Our staff can help you determine how many appointments might be required and discuss cost and payment options.

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